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We have been making our famous Mardi Gras King Cakes since 1977 and they have become part of a fine New Orleans tradition. Made from a secret family recipe, each king cake is formed from a Danish cinnamon dough, topped with traditional purple, green and gold sugar, and generously drizzled with gourmet icing. They are a sure way to get everyone into the Mardi Gras spirit!
Looking for the perfect gift to send family, friends or clients? How about a Coffee &... King Cake. We offer several King Cake Packages to choose from, including our Traditional King Cake (choose plain or filled) or our decadent Praline King Cake (choose plain or filled). Each of these luscious cakes can be shipped anywhere in the Continental U.S. so anyone and everyone can share in the spirit of a New Orleans carnival season, wherever they may be!
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